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Luba is the youngest certified female MLB agent and rare female with her own agency; clients include Trevor Bauer and Yasiel Puig. She co-hosts the podcast "Cork'd Up" with NBC Sports analyst Jessica Kleinschmidt and launched her own line of nail polish with ORLY Nails.


ESPN SportsCenter: Unbreakable, a Rachel Luba story

Rachel Luba, whose journey started as a gymnast, has since become the youngest certified female agent in baseball with the help of Trevor Bauer, whom she represents.


Complex Sports - Luba About to Make History

As a former gymnast, Rachel Luba is an expert at balancing. Which is perfect, since the baseball agent is juggling a ton these days.

For starters, there's the fledgling player representation agency she launched in 2019 with a goal of turning an antiquated business model on its head. Unapologetically herself in the historically male-dominated industry of baseball, Luba's maneuvering in ways simultaneously inspiring for her admirers and maddening for her haters. But most notably, the agent's on the verge of negotiating and finalizing a massive new contract for her friend who just happens to be the No. 1 free agent available this offseason...

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Rosenthal: Trevor Bauer often takes an unconventional approach and now that includes how he uses representation

Trevor Bauer brought baseball different ideas about training, warm-up routines, technology and pitch usage. So, should anyone be surprised the Cincinnati Reds right-hander has a different idea about how agents should represent players?


Trevor Bauer Explores Different Agency Experience, Becomes First Client Of Luba Sports

Enigmatic hurler Trevor Bauer has left the Wasserman Media Group to become the first client of Luba Sports, per The Athletic’s Ken Rosenthal. Luba Sports is a new sports agency started by Rachel Luba, who officially became certified as an MLB agent on November 1st.


Sports Agent Rachel Luba Is Disrupting Athlete Representation

With Major League Baseball inching toward something resembling a season, we check in with agent Rachel Luba to see how top players are taking stock of their options. Luba’s been a notable disruptor in the world of representation -- her deft handling of Trevor Bauer’s $17.5 million contract with the Reds brought her notice, as did her certification as the only female MLBPA agent. She talked with Jason Kelly about the latest in talks between players and owners about the proposed season, public pressure to play and the lasting effects of this upside-down year. Luba, a former competitive gymast, also spoke about building her reputation in the largely male world of baseball, using the shift to algos to her advantage and creating a new business model in the talent world.


Paving A Path: Women In Baseball

You may not yet know Rachel Luba’s name, but you absolutely know who she represents. Former Cleveland pitcher and current Cincinnati Reds hurler Trevor Bauer met the founder of Luba Sports during his time at UCLA. In 2020 Rachel successfully negotiated the second highest contract for an arbitration-eligible pitcher in MLB history. At $17.5 million it was a number that trails only David Price’s $19.75 figure from 2015.


Monterey Native Is An Agent & A Pioneer

These are the two beliefs that Monterey native Rachel Luba faces almost daily in the male-dominated world of professional baseball, where she is demonstrating with determination and savvy that it can be a fairer and more inclusive playing field.


A Conversation With Trevor Bauer’s New Agent, Rachel Luba

Rachel Luba talked with Sheryl Ring about her new agency, Bauer, and being a woman in a male-dominated field.


50 for 50 Spotlight: Rachel Luba (JD '17)

The "traditional route" was never going to suit Rachel Luba. An experienced attorney, Rachel now sits at the helm of her new agency, Luba Sports, where she works as a certified player-agent for the Major League Baseball Players Association. In this role, Rachel works with players at various stages of their careers, negotiating contracts, conducting salary arbitrations, and offering athletes the opportunity to build their personal brands. In a recent interview with Beyond the Box Score, Rachel said, "With the launch of Luba Sports, I am proud to take a step forward as a female in this industry. I understand that I may be seen as an underdog, but I am okay with that – I have always thrived in that role."